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The project portal is a virtual business matching place that introduce upcoming infrastructure projects.


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The project portal is a virtual marketplace to build project pipelines and bridge partnerships between public and private partners to discuss, invest and develop projects.

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The project portal is to leverage you knowledge and expertise by providing you the market information, while papers / reports and statistics data etc.

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Japan Association of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises for Overseas Construction (JASMOC)

Japan | Infrastructure

JASMOC was launched in 2017 with the goal of promoting overseas expansion of small and medium-sized construction companies.

JASMOC aims to share information and issues necessary for overseas expansion, and collaborate with related organization.



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Japan Association for Smart Cities in ASEAN (JASCA)

Japan | Infrastructure

JASCA was established on 2 October 2019 to strengthen information sharing between public and private stakeholders and effectively cross-sectoral responses. It is working on centralizing the administrative contact point for inquiries and consultations from the private sector, conducting surveys and providing information on each city in ASCN, and supporting matching with Japanese products and services.

JASCA will proactively and continuously disseminate information on the technologies and experiences that promote Japan’s smart cities in ASEAN, and have relationships between the public and private sectors with the partner country. After the high-level meeting, it will serve as a one-stop contact point to each country (each city) and promote the formation of the project.


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Overseas Construction Association of Japan, Inc (OCAJI)

Japan | Infrastructure

The Overseas Construction Association of Japan, Inc. is composed of leading construction companies in Japan, and provides support in the development of overseas activities by Japanese construction companies and the promotion of international cooperation as a representative incorporated association.

The Association aims to support Japanese construction companies in implementing overseas projects, making international contributions through the construction industry's activities, and promoting international exchange and cooperation with other countries

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Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT)

Japan | Infrastructure

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) is a Ministry of the Japanese Government, tasked with the development of national policy relating to the area of land use, infrastructure development, transport and tourism.

The mission of the MLIT is to utilize, develop and conserve land in Japan in an integrated and systematic way; develop infrastructure
necessary for attaining those goals; implement transportation policies; promote the progress of meteorological tasks; and maintain marine
safety and security.



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