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The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Japan (MLIT) has established a new online portal “Asia Project Portal”, to facilitate and connect owners of regional infrastructure projects with developers and solution providers, fostering collaboration between companies in Singapore and Japan to promote infrastructure development in emerging countries.


What is Project Portal...

A notable impediment to harnessing this growth potential is the paucity of visibility regarding project opportunities, the lack of awareness concerning optimal solutions, and the absence of collaboration in bringing together complementary experts. The principal objective of this portal is to amplify the visibility of the region's infrastructure project pipeline, cultivate awareness among regional counterparts, and foster confidence in collaboration between Japanese and Singapore-based entities. Additionally, the portal functions as a virtual marketplace, facilitating connections between like-minded partners for the concerted development of these infrastructure projects.


*Please note that the matching platform is still in its pilot stage and is subject to change as we continue to fine-tune the system/process


To Enter

The project portal is a virtual business matching place that introduce upcoming infrastructure projects.



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To Connect

The project portal is a virtual marketplace to build project pipelines and bridge partnerships between public and private partners to discuss, invest and develop projects..

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To Leverage

The project portal is to leverage you knowledge and expertise by providing you the market information, while papers / reports and statistics data etc.

   How it Works..

      The process from registration to business matching

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Matching Process Walkthrough

1) Membership registration (login ID and password are assigned)
Prior registration is required to use this matching platform. Once registered, you will be able to view detailed technology, solution, and project information. To register as a member, please fill out the application form below. Upon successful registration, you can log in to the site from the "Sign In" page to view detailed project information, technology and solutions, market information, etc.
2) Matching Request ~ Matching Coordination
Member companies can submit detailed questions and matching requests for projects, technologies, and solutions in which they are highly interested. The platform operator will check the contents of the matching request, scrutinize the affinity between the two companies, contact the partner company, and adjust the schedule for the matching.
3) Who is eligible to use the matching platform
Companies that have technologies, solutions, and projects related to infrastructure projects, including smart city projects in Japan and abroad, and are interested in collaborating with overseas companies.

How to join a Project Portal...

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